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Your patient, treatment and all other clinical information stays in the clinic. Say No to outside world when it comes to Data Security @DoctorPlus

Are you Scared of Online Data?

Are you Tired of Bad Network at your clinic?

We understand few things very clearly:

Great UI leads to quantum Comfort

Your patient and treatment data is your SUCCESS-KEY for tomorrow

Patient engagement & communication is must to have

Patient feedback is a soft token of appreciation for any clinic/doctor

Right approach to marketing is like an investment; results in good visibility of your clinic, in your surroundings.

Application Features

The Professional Approach to Security

Security is at its Best when it comes to DoctorPlus. Entire application is protected at multiple levels to ensure no data leakage.
An exclusive security wrapper has been implemented which multiply itself to control & secure data within the application.

  Best Protection

We are very sensitive and best when it comes to application, data & their protection from intruders. “SSL Secured”

  Server Security

Most comprehensive endpoint security package on the market

  Data Encryption

Data is secured & encrypted at multiple level of security checks.

Clinic-Doctor-Partner-Patient relationship; its defined in such a way that if a doctor leaves a clinic then he/she leaves the entire data of that clinic there itself.

Your doctors, data & patients are wrapped together in association to a clinic. Any change in the wrapper will automatically create another secured wrapper on DoctorPlus.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do in case of dental emergency as Dentist are not available after their clinical hours?
Dental emergencies are very critical & painful. It generally happens during the late evening hours and requires immediate attention. Do visit emergency dentist near you; however you can also try Salt water gargle. Its an easy and time-tested natural remedy to treat a sore throat, eliminate bad breath, bleeding & swollen gums, relieves toothache and protect tooth enamel.
What is best time to get wisdom tooth extracted?
There is nothing as such the best time for wisdom tooth extraction. A wisdom tooth not creating any problem to gums, bone or neighboring tooth, can stay forever in your mouth. Few dentists advise to get this extracted as a preventive measure.
Why should I visit a dentist when I"m taking good care of my oral hygiene?
Visiting dentist after every 6 months is a necessary precaution towards your good oral health & hygiene. One can avoid emergency situation and costly treatments just by visiting your dentists at a regular interval.
You have never visited a dentist doesn"t certify you for good oral hygiene.
Dental treatments are very costly; can we avoid or save the cost ?
Negligence makes the dental treatment costly; visiting your Dentist every 6 months not only saves your money but also increases the lifespan of your teeth.
Dental treatments are very painful; can we do something about it ?
Technology has improved drastically and doctor's with latest technology enabled instruments can get you a pain-free treatment (in most of the cases).
I think gifting a smile (smile makeover) is a Best gift ever; can you suggest?
Yes, gifting a smile is new trend and many people are opting it. It is something which suits everyone, last forever and also makes you feel more confident and cheerful.
What is Good Oral Hygiene?
Oral health touches every aspect of life but it"s often taken for granted. Good Oral hygiene is when your mouth looks & smells healthy; and this translates to
✓ Clean teeth without cavities
✓ Clean tongue
✓ Pink gums that do not hurt or bleed when you brush your teeth
✓ No bad breath
Dentist & hygienist can help you to develop good oral habits and can also point out areas of your mouth that requires extra attention.

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